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Slug Pellets - The view of the Irish Gardener: Peter Dowdall

I asked Peter could we reproduce a posting that he put up on linkedIn here about slugs and snails. Thankfully, he was happy to oblige. It's a quick one, and it encourages best environmental practice.

"If there's a spot of gardening on your horizon, then Slugs and Snails are soon to become your obsession!! Have a quick look at this before you unwittingly damage surrounding wildlife and even your family pets. There are many organic and environmentally sound ways of controlling slugs and snails without using Methaldehyde pellets. Methaldehyde Slug Pellets are banned for use in many European countries but unfortunately not in Ireland. They are toxic to the slugs natural predators, birds and hedgehogs as well as domestic pets and even us humans. So please do NOT use them in your garden this year."

There is a video to accompany the piece above here and you can find Peter on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Peter's website is here where you'll also find his online shop. If you have any other ways to control Slugs and Snails from eating your edibles in your garden then please get in touch.

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