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Who to follow on Twitter

Social media can be a wonderful tool and used properly, can be a great guide to inspire your pollinator friendly actions. Here is a suggested list of who you could follow for that perfect inspiration:

@EastCorkBio (Obviously!)

Have fun discovering your own influences on social media.

Add media to your posts

When creating your posts on social media you can:

  • Upload images or GIFs

  • Embed videos and music

  • Create galleries to showcase a media collection

Hashtag your posts

Love to #hashtag? Good news!

You can add tags (#AllIrelandPollinatorPlan #EastCorkBio #Wildflowers) throughout your posts to reach more people. Why hashtag? People can use your hashtags to search through content on your blog and find the content that matters to them. So go ahead and #hashtag away!

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